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This journey which starts from land leaves from field seeding, sowing and harvesting. Wheat which arrive to our storages are firstly subjected to physically analysis of moist, grain, foreign substances and hectoliter and probable damages which may occur such ad sunn pest, rust, smut are determined. Weevil, moulding, escalation and bad odor and similar criteria are examined and samples which have adequate physical properties are sent to mill. Samples which are grinded and become flour are subjected to gluten index and sedimentation tests for determining protein and quality amount and subjected to falling number test for enzyme activity production. Implementation starts after this analysis for having production with desired quality. Which kind of wheat will be used according to product type, whether there is need of addition or enzyme support, which efficiency flour will be drawn , amount of water, kneading and fermentation duration and conditions are determined for wheat which are ready for production.  Determined wheat are grinded in mills flour and bran are separated via sieves, farinas are sorted via purifiers and directed to sieves and rolls for proper transfer to grinding diagrams and they are stored in wheat, farina and flour silos untouched by man. They are packaged into desired kilo and bags by automated machines.